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The Voice 2012 Final 4

The Voice 2012 Final show

The Voice season 2 is over finally. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I have to say this season hasn’t been good for me. Many singers I enjoyed was voted off. Lot of the shows were too long and ended very fast. The final show was WAY too long!! 2 hours to find out who won? An hour would have been better to celebrate the final and find out the winner. They should have announced 3rd and 4th place in […]

Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother Season 13 of the US version has started last Thursday. Looks like an interesting bunch of people. There are 14 housemates in the house for this season. 8 new housemates entered first. I don’t have any favorites or least favorites at this time. I like giving everyone a chance before I make a decision about them. 6 previous housemates entered the house after too. I’ll list everyone below: 8 new housemates : 6 previous housemates: I know a […]

Season 1 of NBC's The voice was great

The Voice Was Great

I have been watching The voice on NBC from the very beginning. First I thought it would just be the same as American Idol. I actually got bored of AI a few years ago. It’s still a good show but lost my attention. The thing I liked about The Voice is the singers are all really good. Felt like their talent was more important than anything. This post is about todays show which I thought was outstanding. I didn’t hear […]

Season 6 of Big Brother USA in 2005

Big Brother USA

With the disappointment I had with UK and Australia versions of big brother I was really hoping the US version would be better. Well It left with mixed emotions. I watch big brother for the social experiment basically. I like to see emotions and what happens with different people trying to live together. The US version is different from the international shows, though, because it brings in more of a strategy with the show. I was totally entertained this year. […]

Season 5 of the Big Brother Australia in 2005

Big Brother Australia Finale

Now for my thoughts on Australia Big Brother. At the beginning I was very excited until I realized most of the new ideas for this year was borrowed from other Big Brothers around the world. The only real new idea was the 3 point deduction reward but I feel it doesn’t belong in a big brother show where viewers vote out the housemates. There were a lot more bullying and talking behind peoples back more than any other season I’ve […]