American Inventor was a reality show in 2006

American Inventor Worthy?

Let’s bring in real inventors and wannabe inventors to have a contest! The best invention will win lots of money! The invention has to be new, be something that will be useful and show off how smart and creative Americans can be! Sounds great right? Well the show “American Inventor” missed every part of that! When I heard of this show I was really excited! I love inventions and giving the audience a chance to pick the best invention was fantastic.

The first problem is that it came from the idea of American idol which totally works. The contestant on Idol must actually be able to sing and have some personality to win! Their back story would make sense to know who the person is inside and out. Let’s face it, An invention is an invention! Their back story of the inventor doesn’t matter too much. Sure it’s great to find out why they created the invention. It feels good to know they put in so much of their life into what they believe. But it doesn’t make a good invention. This show is only looking for inventors with good sob stories. I bet they passed on some great inventions from great inventors. I can even point you to a website with some details here from Be sure to read the comments on that post to understand further. I would have loved the solar cooler to go further. Makes so much more sense in these fuel problem days!

Another problem is the inventions that have gotten through can be found already on the market or a similar product available! I am not going to talk bad about the inventions or the inventors that have gone through. I just think there must be something better out there. Another problem is letting the judges make the decisions for too long!! Give the audience a chance now! Not at the end when we’ll only have 4 choices I hope. Sure it might come down to popularity at the end but any voting by the public will always come down to that. Also way too much air time of previous inventions. I could care less about them now because your judges already dismissed them. Sure it was fun to see crazy people on TV but I think it lessens the impact of this show. Just makes it a talent show and not the best of the best!

Season 6 of Big Brother USA in 2005

Big Brother USA

With the disappointment I had with UK and Australia versions of big brother I was really hoping the US version would be better. Well It left with mixed emotions. I watch big brother for the social experiment basically. I like to see emotions and what happens with different people trying to live together. The US version is different from the international shows, though, because it brings in more of a strategy with the show. I was totally entertained this year. Left me shocked many times and yelling at the TV throughout the show. So It made me interested in these people just like Big Brother 2 did.

But I was disappointed at the end. My favorite housemate, Janelle, did not win. She came in 3rd and was loved by the fans. Kaysar was loved by the fans too. I thought he was a good player but lost because he was too trusting to Jennifer. Howie was a wild guy in the house who made the show so fun to watch. Rachel was a fun person to watch trying to guide Howie, her secret partner, through the game. Michael was totally wronged by the friendship people. He did nothing wrong but was accused of terrible things. The friendship let these beliefs hold their team together even after they knew the accusations were lies. Wish I could have seen more of Ashlea but what I’ve seen I think she’s a wonderful person. James were hands down the greatest player on big brother since Will Kirby of Big Brother 2. He knew what was needed to win and he tried as hard as possible. The problem with his strategy was the two teams were too solid. He wouldn’t be able to break them apart so he had no chance to get to the end. Sarah was a very sweet person and didn’t deserve to be evicted. I hope good things will happen for her in the future.

This is the part I don’t want to write about. The Friendship had the worst people I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history or another reality series. The Chill town from Big Brother 2 used to be the worst but at least they knew that they weren’t on a moral high ground. I hate hypocrisy and the friendship showed every single type of hypocrisy you can imagine. They thought they were the best, never lied, trustworthy and favorites. Every single thing they thought of themselves were false. They talked bad about every other person and they talked about very superficial things like Janelle having hair extensions. They lied to people and they really thought their lies were pure. They were very trustworthy to Eric and Maggie. They were all Worshiping Eric and Maggie. Shows me how easy it is to follow a cult so fast. I feel very sorry for Ivette because she wouldn’t have liked those people in her group if she was outside. Listening to her now that she’s out of the game she agrees that she would have been friends with the other side. She’s one of the persons this season who will learn the most and be able to change her self for the good. She was terrible in the house but she is growing on me now. Her secret partnerBeau wasn’t a very nice person too. He wasn’t a good player in the house at all. April might be the other person who will learn about herself and change for the good as well. She finally saw that she had done bad things in the house at the end of the game. Her Secret partner, Jennifer, is so delusional I can’t believe it. She is hated by the fans of Big Brother so much. She lied or went back on her word to Kaysar and took him out of the game even after America voted him back inside the house. A very Stupid mistake on her part for the game and outside of the game.

I have written so much about this so I need to stop. Maybe I’ll write about these people again after I learn more about them outside of the house. So at the end I was entertained but still disappointed who won at the end which Was Maggie . I even had to stop watching when my favorites would lose. Once I heard something good happen then I would start watching the shows I missed. Guess I’ll have to wait for next year and hope I can be satisfied next time.

Season 5 of the Big Brother Australia in 2005

Big Brother Australia Finale

Now for my thoughts on Australia Big Brother. At the beginning I was very excited until I realized most of the new ideas for this year was borrowed from other Big Brothers around the world. The only real new idea was the 3 point deduction reward but I feel it doesn’t belong in a big brother show where viewers vote out the housemates. There were a lot more bullying and talking behind peoples back more than any other season I’ve seen. It made me feel very uncomfortable sometimes. The person I really wanted to win was Vesna. I thought she was the only one who deserved to win. She was real and didn’t mind letting out her emotions. Sometimes she went overboard but she was always able to be kind and thoughtful to others. When I saw her get evicted in 3rd place I was devastated. It was one time I really couldn’t understand how it happened. She was the viewers favorite! I hope she gets so much out of this than any other housemate.

Nelson was a very intimidating person. He loved making people feel bad. Constance was almost the same as Nelson but had a better character than him. Angela loved to gossip and was very cruel with her words. Greg was a part of the twin Twist. He was the emotional brother and more understanding of others. David was the other half of the twins. He wasn’t very nice or understanding towards others. Dean was the worst of the bunch. He needed to control everyone and the housemates let him. I was so glad he was evicted cause he was disgusting. Geneva was a very special person but she loved talking bad about others. I wish she could have been more willing to be kind to others. I thought she was beautiful and an interesting person. Gianna was one of those perfect women who has the looks, talent and personality! Of course all the other women except Christie were jealous of her and never gave her the chance. Christie was so emotional and not too smart to understand how to deal with her girl friends. She found herself hanging out with the guys.

Glenn was not a nice man. He didn’t know how to treat a lady and was glad the viewers treated him badly. Heath was an OK guy. He wasn’t in the house for me to get a good sense of who he was. Hotdogs was a fun loving guy. He started to hang out and back up the guys too much. He finally realized this at the end of his time in the house. Kate was beautiful, smart and had a great personality. Melanie was just melanie. She was fun at times but boring at other times. Michael was way too bossy but had a nice side to him. He was friends with Rachael and Geneva so I liked him. Michelle was all about relationships. He relationship with Glenn was not fun to watch. Glenn just didn’t care much about their relationship. Rachael was a very beautiful and lovely woman. She came out rude sometimes but she had a very kind heart. I loved her personality and willing to just have fun! She was treated horribly by the other people. I felt bad for her. Rita Was just so talkative and she never heard others. Tim Was very intelligent and funny. I thought he had a good chance of winning. Vesna was my all time favorite!! She was funny, stood up for herself and caring for others. Hated how she was treated by some of the other housemates especially Dean and David.

The reason I feel Vesna lost and The Logans won was because David was out of the house able to vote for himself!! This is the worst thing that could ever happen! Tim and Vesna were the favorites. I never saw any polls putting the logans above those two. Something happened and I am totally mad about it. Vesna or Tim deserved to win more!

Big Brother UK Season 6

Big Brother UK Let Down?

I just have to get my frustration out right now. I am a big fan of The tv show Big Brother. I watch the UK, Australia and the US versions. The UK and Australia versions have ended. This year I had my favorites for both series. My favorite from UK was Eugene. The rest of the housemates besides Mary made me uneasy and mad. Didn’t like how they fought all the time. Wasn’t impressed with their conversations or team spirit.

Mary was a very unique woman. She was very spiritual and knew at the beginning who the rest of the housemates were. Makosi was great at the beginning but she got too big headed with herself. I finally got fed up with her after she let Kemal think she was a mole. Roberto was a hot head and wanted everyone to be like him. Vanessa and Sam were lukewarm with me. Vanessa didn’t make me feel for her at all. Sam didn’t deserve the hatred she got from Lesley and the crowds. Lesley was way too opinionated and didn’t want to listen to anything. Craig should really look back on his behavior and learn from it. He needs a lot to learn about life. Kemal was a character but drove me crazy with his screams. Saskia was ok until she formed her team and thought she was too good to mingle with the others. End Of! I have to admit that I liked Maxwell. He was a character and funny but too hotheaded. Science was interesting and had lot of good things to say. His biggest trouble is that he didn’t listen and didn’t back down.

Derek was a very intriguing person. A manipulator and a sweet man all at the same time. He can be a bit too aggressive with his words. He can also be very kind and caring to others. I did like him. Kinga was way over the top! She was great entertainment. Orlaith was just a pretty woman to look at and Not much else. Anthony was always in the background doing his thing. He was entertaining at times and boring sometimes. He didn’t give me the entertainment I would think a winner should give. Eugene was funny, witty and very nice. He entertained me very much. I might be a bit biased because I am a geek like Eugene. It’s nice to see someone who is entertained by the little things in big brother. I really wanted him to win!! I can live with Anthony as the winner, though.

But the next post will be about the winner of the Australia Big Brother and I am not happy about it at all!

Amazing Race Season 7

Amazing Race Thoughts

Well I am a reluctant Amazing Race fan. But I really don’t like it because it’s not a race in my eyes. I call it an Amazing Adventure. A race wouldn’t have all racers stop to wait for a store or a place to open. I can live with the plane departures because there is a chance teams can find better departure times. I understand they need to bunch up or the show would have been boring. Someone could easily get days ahead of other teams if there wasn’t the bunching up factor. So for me it’s a love and hate thing with this show.

I watched Amazing Race 7 till the end and enjoyed it very much. I was happy to see Uchenna & Joyce Win. They deserved to win because of who they are. They treated everyone with respect and played the game for themselves not just to win over one particular team. I think if you try to win over one team then you forget about every other team and can make mistakes just like Susan/Patrick and Lynn/Alex.

I would have been equally happy if Rob/Amber won because they played the game and were always thinking ahead of others. Sometimes that thinking allowed them to be first and other times it cost them their lead. The fact that they are a reality tv winner already is an important point. It is unfair but I think the race is already flawed anyway. It’s geared for the television audience and not to the racers. I remember there was another show that was on NBC at the same time as AR came on. It was a race with no rules. The teams got placed somewhere they didn’t know with no money and had to get back to hawaii I think. Now that was a Real Race! no bunching up because they could take a plane, train, car or ship. But of course it was boring. Not very much intermingling of the racers and was obvious who was going to win. I could go on more but I will stop.