Big Brother UK Season 6

Big Brother UK Let Down?

I just have to get my frustration out right now. I am a big fan of The tv show Big Brother. I watch the UK, Australia and the US versions. The UK and Australia versions have ended. This year I had my favorites for both series. My favorite from UK was Eugene. The rest of the housemates besides Mary made me uneasy and mad. Didn’t like how they fought all the time. Wasn’t impressed with their conversations or team spirit.

Mary was a very unique woman. She was very spiritual and knew at the beginning who the rest of the housemates were. Makosi was great at the beginning but she got too big headed with herself. I finally got fed up with her after she let Kemal think she was a mole. Roberto was a hot head and wanted everyone to be like him. Vanessa and Sam were lukewarm with me. Vanessa didn’t make me feel for her at all. Sam didn’t deserve the hatred she got from Lesley and the crowds. Lesley was way too opinionated and didn’t want to listen to anything. Craig should really look back on his behavior and learn from it. He needs a lot to learn about life. Kemal was a character but drove me crazy with his screams. Saskia was ok until she formed her team and thought she was too good to mingle with the others. End Of! I have to admit that I liked Maxwell. He was a character and funny but too hotheaded. Science was interesting and had lot of good things to say. His biggest trouble is that he didn’t listen and didn’t back down.

Derek was a very intriguing person. A manipulator and a sweet man all at the same time. He can be a bit too aggressive with his words. He can also be very kind and caring to others. I did like him. Kinga was way over the top! She was great entertainment. Orlaith was just a pretty woman to look at and Not much else. Anthony was always in the background doing his thing. He was entertaining at times and boring sometimes. He didn’t give me the entertainment I would think a winner should give. Eugene was funny, witty and very nice. He entertained me very much. I might be a bit biased because I am a geek like Eugene. It’s nice to see someone who is entertained by the little things in big brother. I really wanted him to win!! I can live with Anthony as the winner, though.

But the next post will be about the winner of the Australia Big Brother and I am not happy about it at all!

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