Season 5 of the Big Brother Australia in 2005

Big Brother Australia Finale

Now for my thoughts on Australia Big Brother. At the beginning I was very excited until I realized most of the new ideas for this year was borrowed from other Big Brothers around the world. The only real new idea was the 3 point deduction reward but I feel it doesn’t belong in a big brother show where viewers vote out the housemates. There were a lot more bullying and talking behind peoples back more than any other season I’ve seen. It made me feel very uncomfortable sometimes. The person I really wanted to win was Vesna. I thought she was the only one who deserved to win. She was real and didn’t mind letting out her emotions. Sometimes she went overboard but she was always able to be kind and thoughtful to others. When I saw her get evicted in 3rd place I was devastated. It was one time I really couldn’t understand how it happened. She was the viewers favorite! I hope she gets so much out of this than any other housemate.

Nelson was a very intimidating person. He loved making people feel bad. Constance was almost the same as Nelson but had a better character than him. Angela loved to gossip and was very cruel with her words. Greg was a part of the twin Twist. He was the emotional brother and more understanding of others. David was the other half of the twins. He wasn’t very nice or understanding towards others. Dean was the worst of the bunch. He needed to control everyone and the housemates let him. I was so glad he was evicted cause he was disgusting. Geneva was a very special person but she loved talking bad about others. I wish she could have been more willing to be kind to others. I thought she was beautiful and an interesting person. Gianna was one of those perfect women who has the looks, talent and personality! Of course all the other women except Christie were jealous of her and never gave her the chance. Christie was so emotional and not too smart to understand how to deal with her girl friends. She found herself hanging out with the guys.

Glenn was not a nice man. He didn’t know how to treat a lady and was glad the viewers treated him badly. Heath was an OK guy. He wasn’t in the house for me to get a good sense of who he was. Hotdogs was a fun loving guy. He started to hang out and back up the guys too much. He finally realized this at the end of his time in the house. Kate was beautiful, smart and had a great personality. Melanie was just melanie. She was fun at times but boring at other times. Michael was way too bossy but had a nice side to him. He was friends with Rachael and Geneva so I liked him. Michelle was all about relationships. He relationship with Glenn was not fun to watch. Glenn just didn’t care much about their relationship. Rachael was a very beautiful and lovely woman. She came out rude sometimes but she had a very kind heart. I loved her personality and willing to just have fun! She was treated horribly by the other people. I felt bad for her. Rita Was just so talkative and she never heard others. Tim Was very intelligent and funny. I thought he had a good chance of winning. Vesna was my all time favorite!! She was funny, stood up for herself and caring for others. Hated how she was treated by some of the other housemates especially Dean and David.

The reason I feel Vesna lost and The Logans won was because David was out of the house able to vote for himself!! This is the worst thing that could ever happen! Tim and Vesna were the favorites. I never saw any polls putting the logans above those two. Something happened and I am totally mad about it. Vesna or Tim deserved to win more!

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