The Voice 2012 Final 4

The Voice 2012 Final show

The Voice season 2 is over finally. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I have to say this season hasn’t been good for me. Many singers I enjoyed was voted off. Lot of the shows were too long and ended very fast. The final show was WAY too long!! 2 hours to find out who won? An hour would have been better to celebrate the final and find out the winner. They should have announced 3rd and 4th place in the beginning or in the middle. The show was torture and didn’t have many good performances. I would have loved to know more about the last 4 singers and what they have gone through.

Jermaine Paul is the winner of The voice 2012

Jermaine Paul the winner

So Jermaine won the whole thing. Juliet came second. Tony came 3rd and Chris got 4th place. It took 2 hours to finally know the results. I wish I knew it would be at the end so I could have watched something else.

The Voice 2012 Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms is my winner.

After this season I am not that excited to see season 3. Either people vote for the good looking singers or the team. The fact that Chris Mann was 4th is terrible. He should at least be 3rd. He is a far better singer than Tony Lucca. I blame it on the drama between Adam and Christina. It’s a shame because Chris I believe could have done better.

If you went by the charts on Itunes, Tony Lucca would be the winner. All this just makes me feel it’s another popularity contest and not a singing competition. The fact that the teams are competing with each other makes this stuff happen. I thought the audience would be able to forget about who the team captains were and consider who the best singer was. I guess I was wrong. I didn’t even consider the team when I decided who I wanted to win. I actually have read some articles and comments that people voted for the team and not the singer.

We will find out who really is the winner when their albums all come out. I have a feeling Jermaine will have a good career but won’t be at the top of the charts. Juliet might be able to do better but I also think she won’t be able to break through to the top. I am not sure anyone from this season will break through. I don’t think The Voice will ever find a singer who can be at the top of the charts because there are too many flaws in the show.

The final for 2012 The Voice

The Voice 2012 Final Performances

Last night’s episode of the Voice has given me some things to think about. From last week I picked Juliet Simms to win. I figured Jermaine Paul was good but not the best. I actually believe he might win. Chris Mann was my second favorite but thought he didn’t have a chance with the public. Tony Lucca is just out of the competition for me.

Last episode changed my mind a little. I actually got worried for Juliet because her first 2 songs were not amazing. Jermaine’s Song, “I believe I can fly” was very good. The song he did for Blake was great also. Chris Mann sang very well also. I still think Tony has no chance. His song choices was not good and I didn’t like “Ninety-Nine Problems”. He did very well singing with Adam, “Yesterday” which I thought was his best.

After thinking about everything I think Chris Mann and Tony Lucca has no chance of winning. It’s between Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms. My heart says Juliet. The passion she puts in to her songs really make her the best out of all of them. Jermaine was great also and I really would say he won if it wasn’t for Juliet’s “Free bird” song which was awesome! I really think that Jermaine might win. It’s looking like the same situation as last year when Javier Colon won. I wanted Dia Frampton to win.

The Voice 2012 Final Performances

So I really want Juliet to win but I have a bad feeling Jermaine will get those votes. I actually voted for Juliet of course but gave a few votes to Jermaine also. No matter what happens all of them will have gained a lot from the show. Now to look forward to their albums in the future.

From last year’s contestants I have bought 2 albums. I bought Dia frampton’s and Xenia’s albums. Surprisingly I have listened to more of Xenia’s music. She just has such a unique voice but did not have the stage presence on the show. Now to wait for the result show.

The Voice show on NBC

The Voice 2012

I’ve been watching The new season of The Voice off and on. I have really enjoyed this show. I got bored with American idol a few years ago. I think what The Voice does best is let anyone have a chance without their looks and they don’t have to be an amateur. The idea that the judges can only hear the singers before they decide who they want on their team is a unique idea and it works for the first few episodes. After that it just becomes another singing talent competition.

I do like the singing battles a lot. That is probably the best part of the show for me because I haven’t seen something like that done anywhere else. It’s unique and brings in some great performances. Once the real team singing starts and the public has their chance it starts to be the same as other shows. The fact that the teams are battling against each other brings in some interesting developments. The judges have more say in who stays and goes which I believe is good for their team. I have strongly disagreed with some of the judges and public decisions but it’s too late to talk about that now.

Now that the show is getting to the final I want to give my thoughts of the last 4 contestants.

Tony Lucca from The Voice

Tony Lucca is a good singer. I really enjoyed his rendition of the Britney Spears song. I have to agree with him being the last on Team Adam. He’s good but he is not my favorite. I wouldn’t want him to win.

Jermaine Paul from Team Blake

Jermaine Paul is a very good singer and I totally agree with this result. He has a great voice and probably will do good after the show. I also don’t think he should win but I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins especially looking at the public votes.

Chris Mann from Team Christina

Chris Mann is a fantastic singer. I love his voice so much even when he doesn’t sing opera. He gives me chills when he sings. I have to say I thought Lindsey was better and a more interesting singer. I can see myself listening to her music more than his. For me I was happy with either being the last on Team Christina. I still don’t want him to win. He would be my second personal choice and I would be very surprised if the public votes for him.

Juliet Simms from Team Ceelo

Juliet Simms is an amazing singer. I feel she is the best singer of all of them. I want her to win and I also believe the public might vote for her. I actually voted for her many times and bought her songs on itunes. She is perfect when she does rock music which is probably my favorite music of them all. She has been one of my favorites since this show started.

Now we have to wait for next week to see their last performances and vote. I am not sure if I’ll change my mind but I really feel it’s going to be between Juliet Simms and Jermaine Paul. I would be totally surprised if the others win.

Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother Season 13 of the US version has started last Thursday. Looks like an interesting bunch of people. There are 14 housemates in the house for this season. 8 new housemates entered first. I don’t have any favorites or least favorites at this time. I like giving everyone a chance before I make a decision about them. 6 previous housemates entered the house after too. I’ll list everyone below:

8 new housemates :
Adam Poch


Cassi Colvin


Dominic Briones


Kalia Booker


Keith Henderson


Lawon Exum


Porsche Briggs


Shelly Moore


6 previous housemates:
Brendon Villegas


Rachel Reilly


I know a lot of people hate Rachel mostly because of her voice. I don’t have much problems with these two. I wouldn’t want them to win, though.

Evel Dick Donato

Evel Dick

Daniele Donato


Evel Dick will make the show interesting. I don’t know enough about Daniele to make a decision about her. I feel bad that they haven’t talked for years. It’s a shame for family members to be like that with each other. I don’t know why or care. I already heard Dick has left the house for some reason and We will find out more next Wednesday. Shame for entertainment value but I didn’t want him to get far in the game anyway.

Jeff Schroeder


Jordan Lloyd


These two are probably my favorites from the previous housemates. Not sure if I want them to win or not but it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Big Brother Season 13 House Table

I’m watching the 2nd episode as I finish this post but I won’t comment on it this time. I’ll probably be posting for each episode if I can. Sometimes I’ll talk about spoilers or rumors I get from other forums. is my favorite forum to read. I haven’t paid for the live feeds and won’t. They are usually boring to me anyway. I did it for season 2 and I understood the housemates a lot better but quite boring watching them all the time. Other people will post about the daily happenings in the house.

Season 1 of NBC's The voice was great

The Voice Was Great

I have been watching The voice on NBC from the very beginning. First I thought it would just be the same as American Idol. I actually got bored of AI a few years ago. It’s still a good show but lost my attention. The thing I liked about The Voice is the singers are all really good. Felt like their talent was more important than anything.

This post is about todays show which I thought was outstanding. I didn’t hear one thing I didn’t like. I liked all the singers but I do have some favorites who I liked before this show. Some of that has changed. So I’ll pick through this episode now.

Javier Colon is good. Really good actually. I loved the duet he did with Adam. He did a great job singing the “man in the mirror.” His original song, “Stitch by Stitch” was a good song and he sang it very well. This is where I get torn. He’s a great singer but I thought the other singers were better. I also had to weigh in all the other performances during the show to make my decision on who wins. He comes in 4th on my list and I really feel sad about it.

Now I get to Vicci Martinez who I have absolutely loved through the show. She does remind me of pat benatar who I am a big fan of. I love her voice. Her energy really pulls me in when she sings. Before this show she was my 2nd best but now I had to put her down to 3. Her original song, “Afraid to sleep” was good but not as good as I would want. What really tears me up was her duet with Cee lo. She was amazing in that duet. To me her duet with Cee lo was the best out of all of them. I really have a hard time putting her at #3. I would rather have her tied at 2nd but I have to make a decision.

2nd best for me was Beverly Mcclellan. Her original song, “Lovesick” to me was the best because she had such great energy and I really liked the song. I could see this song on the radio and in clubs! Her duet with Christina really was awesome. Was such a right fit for her. The reason I didn’t put her as the winner was because she wasn’t my favorite before this show. The only reason she is in 2nd instead of 3rd was due to her singing and performance in this episode. I really feel Vicci and Beverly Tied in this show.

So my winner is Dia Frampton. Her voice really was unique and great from the beginning. She became my favorite with her performance of Heartless. That was the only song I bought on Itunes before today. I didn’t even know she had videos on Youtube which I visit a lot so I was really happy to find more music from her. Her original song, “Inventing Shadows” was fantastic. It was her voice that really turned that song into a great song. I really loved that she can play instruments too. That is very important in an artist to me these days. I even bought some of her songs from her past albums. Her duet with Blake wasn’t as good as others but it was still good enough for me.

There you go. That’s how I saw this episode and my thoughts. I can’t say I hated any singer and probably would buy some songs from each singer. If I decide to buy another song it might be from Vicci because of her energy. I love that energy in a singer and her voice really is great.